We are looking for people able to transform problems into the tasks

You've heard the expression - "to break is not to build." It creates a false impression about the ease of dismantling projects compared with the construction. Indeed in dismantling everyproject is unique. The thing that the next project will be implemented in the same way as it was done with the previous one never happens.

You can work for many years and in every project you will still face with completely new challenges. That’s why to succeed in our industry is not enough to understand its specificity - the hallmarks of our team are versatility, enjoyment their work and "burning" eyes in the discussion of the most difficult problems.

Any project is a task with a lot of unknowns quantities. And I need people who are able to transform problems into the task and not to give in the difficulties. This is the main criterion!

There are certainly important "components": education, experience, etc. But there are not so many building and dismantling companies, experience in which we will be potentially interesting. This greatly narrows down the search. And if we rely on the experience in the field of dismantling, as a fundamental criterion, the selection will look like ponies running around: the same people with established approaches in work, do not always meet our requirements.

Therefore, in this situation, to teach is better than to retrain. We are looking for talented and well-educated people with desire to work and who are always on the move. But "the ability to transform" is the main criterion and that is the trait that must demonstrate the candidate. Hence, we have the features of motivation of the current staff and candidates.

Dismantling usually means very short-term projects. The average duration is 2 months. This means that even very experienced, but "with an average speed" builder, used to work unimaginatively, not able to think creatively candidate will not be effective.

In ‘Razmax’ we ‘break’ stereotypes about the ease of dismantiling during the first interview, giving examples of our current projects.

We need the "stars". Are you a star? Try to persuade us, and you are welcome!