Razmax East

The Far Eastern Federal District is the largest and one of the most dynamically developing regions of Russia. Unique mechanisms – territories of the advancing social and economic development and free ports are developed for creation of the most attractive investment climate in the Far East. Today there are 12 territories of the advancing development in the region, opening of the thirteenth is expected in the nearest future.

Creation of a competitive model of preferences, tax, administrative benefits gave an unknown impulse to development of the Far Eastern Federal District, having turned it into the most investment attractive region of the country. The total quantity of projects in the Far East already comes nearer to 300, and the volume of investment makes about 1,16 trillion rubles.

The main mechanisms which gave an impulse to development of the region were provided at the first Eastern economic forum in September, 2015. As a result of the forum 90 large investment contracts were signed.  In the run-up to the second Eastern economic forum the management of FGEC ‘Razmax’ made the decision on opening of the Far Eastern representation.  ‘Razmax East’ was headed by Valery Alekseevich Kalashnikov.

Today the Far East is one of the most priority region for development of FGEC ‘Razmax’. Large-scale investment projects demand use of the innovation technologies of redevelopment, new level of technical, engineering and intellectual solutions which the company is ready to implement in the Far East region.

 Full list of projects, tenders and vacancies of ‘Razmax East’ representation you can get in the relevant sections on our website.