Razmax Moscow

Moscow and the Moscow region were the first stage of regional development of ‘Razmax’. Successful projects, implemented in cooperation with the largest real estate developers, industrial companies and public authorities, have led to the creation of a single representative in 2010. Currently, the share capital of the region has not less projects than central office of FGEC ‘Razmax’ has in the northwest region.

Despite claims to the accelerated development of investment regions, Moscow and the Moscow region have not exhausted their investment potential. The main difference of the capital region is the high rate of both decision-making and works. Investor, waiting from the capital the fastest turnaround funds, invests by taking into account short term projects. Here we have short term projects and a large number of non-core and professional companies in the market.

At a certain period of the Moscow construction market, redevelopment of historic buildings and areas and work in the area of dense urban areas was like a trend. Now this trend is receding into the past, and the main vector of development of both the market and the order book of ‘Razmax’ in the Moscow region is the development of industrial and residential areas within TTK and MKAD.

Working in Moscow, our experts performed a number of significant projects. Among them are the dismantling of abandoned aquadrome on the Aminevskoe highway, dilapidated structure of which began to threaten the lives and health of people. Another interesting project was the participation of ‘Razmax Moscow’ in modernization of production ‘Criogenmash’. Complex preparation was carried out inside the plant for the construction of new production facilities for the production of the cryogenic fuel.

Full list of projects, tenders and vacancies of ‘Razmax Moscow’ representation you can get in the relevant sections on our website.