Razmax South

Southern Federal district occupies a special place among the regions of Russia - not only because of the resort industry, but also for developed industry and agriculture. The most active investment and infrastructure development in the region started a few years ago due to the government programs and the preparation for the 2014 Olympic Games. Modernization and development of the region projects are held by ‘Razmax South Crimea’.

So, in preparation for Sochi, 2014 Winter Olympics host, experts of FGEC ‘Razmax’ by order completed the renovation of the territory for the construction of the center of the Olympic Highway.

Supporting investment and industrial development of the region FGEC, ‘Razmax’ took part in complex projects of modernization of factories and enterprises of SFD. One of the latest projects in this area was the modernization of the plant,  in Novorossiysk. Here by order  - the oldest and one of Russia's largest companies - manufacturers of cement, experts of FGEC ‘Razmax South Crimea’ made the dismantling of existing buildings, facilities and equipment manufacturing general construction of more than 70 thousand cubic meters. In place of the dismantled structures there will be built more modern production.

Within the framework of national programs to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the district, FGEC ‘Razmax South Crimea’  works in conjunction with the Administration of Krasnodar Region, exercising the demolition of dilapidated housing since 2012. Since joining the Crimea to the Russian Federation, experts of FGEC ‘Razmax’ use their experience and baggage of modern technologies for the modernization and development of the area, a large percentage of which occupies not only the emergency, but also illegally constructed structure.

At the moment, ‘Razmax South Crimea’  is in the third place in the order of the Federal Group of engineering companies. Mission plans are increasing this share and the implementation of major projects on modernization of industrial capacities of the Southern Federal District.

Full list of projects, tenders and vacancies of ‘Razmax South of Crimea’ representation you can get in the relevant sections on our website.