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The project of the Federal Group of Engineering Companies "Razmax" is among the nominees of the World Demolition Award, which will be held on November, 2 in the framework of the World Demolition Summit in London. The organizing committee of the Award consists of a publishing house KHL Group and the European EDA demolition association. The short-list of the Award will be announced in August.
Working at the territory of operating concern specialists of FGEK «Razmax» carried out the demolition of a number of warehouse, administrative and technical facilities. Constrictions of various structural elements and complexity have been eliminated as part of the modernization program.
In the first quarter of 2017 on the base of Single Training center «Razmax» will start a special training course in bases of demolition and dismantle. This program was created according to international standards, has no analogs in Russia and represents an express training for new staff of the company, and also for all of the specialists who would like to work successfully in this sector.
The leader of the Russian market of redevelopment opens the Far East representative office in Vladivostok, which has become the eighth representation of Federal group of the engineering companies Razmax in the Russian Federation.
In July 2016 the specialists of "Razmax" from all over the Russia took part in one of the world's largest balloon festival, held annually in Spain. Summer corporate event continued of the current tradition of celebrating the birthday of the company not in the classic restaurant atmosphere.
nalysts "Razmax" conducted a study of qualitative and quantitative data for the period 2010-2016gg. The research reflects the level of security implemented on demolition market. The aim of the study is to develop an objective quality assessment of the market.
Up to date the implementation of BIM is considered to be a primary target for the Russian construction industry. In the redevelopment field FGIK "Razmax" inculcates this technology from 2014. Summing up the work by the new methodology, the company's specialists have noted that information modeling can significantly reduce the cost of the project.
As part of the expert council of redevelopment, created on the base of RGUD, FGEK «Razmax» will take part in the session "The second life of industrial areas: distressed assets or bright project?", which will take place on September 15 in the International Investment Forum Pro estate. In the opening session Alexey Funtov, Advisor to the CEO of FGIK "Razmax", will present the survey data, issued by a analytical center of the company.
In 2016 the capital of the traditional summer corporate event of "Razmax" became Barcelona. From 7 to July 10, the company's specialists from all over Russia took part in one of the world's largest balloon festival, held annually in the Igualada.
Russian Guild of managers and developers formed a permanent expert council on the redevelopment. It includes 11 leading experts in renovation of industrial areas - consultants, architects, planners and environmentalists. FGEC «Razmax» will be represented by Advisor of the CEO Alexey Funtov.