We are the Federal Group of Engineering Companies ‘Razmax’. The founders of the redevelopment industry in Russia, the leaders in the application of innovative technologies - we are the company that effectively solves Client’s most complicated problems and creates investment opportunities for the development of territories.

Our goal is not the destruction of the old structures, but creating opportunities for new construction.

Our method is the synergy of the experience of 19 years of the dismantling industry in the Russian Federation, a non-standard creative approach and use modern techniques and technologies.

Our priority is building long-term partnership with the Client and the provision of services within the framework of investment and construction projects.

Principles of our work

  • Process optimization. We believe that the work should not be based on the chains of bureaucracy and the negotiation and transform the most difficult stages of construction in a simple ones
  • Individual approach. We offer unconventional creative solutions that will be most effective in implementing projects of varying complexity
  • Efficiency and quality. We work fast, but always responsible for the results and quality of service.
  • Reliability and safety. We work with all the rules of labor protection and industrial safety.

Being a company of Federal level ‘Razmax’ implements complex and large-scale projects throughout the territory of the Russian Federation through an extensive network of regional offices. An effective management system, wide powers of employees in the field and partnerships with leading suppliers of machinery and equipment enable us to fix all problems.

Beaing a full cycle engineering company, we provide a range of services in the field of site preparation for new construction, saving time and resources of the Client and minimizing the time and the financial risks at each stage of the project. Each of our common service has its functional purpose:


Today FGEC ‘Razmax’ has a modern fleet of specialized equipment, as well as all the necessary state licenses and approvals, including licenses of the FSS to work with the state secret, and licensed by the Ministry of Culture to carry out work on the restoration of cultural heritage. The company has developed its own standards of environmental management and health and safety.