History of FGEC 'Razmax'. History of demolition in Russia

In 1997, after analysing the construction industry in Russia, we got a vision of an opportunity to create a unique business, the purpose of which would be a professional execution of complex demolition projects.

We wrote the rules under which the industry operates – we could convert a simple demolition of structures to the art of development of the territories and new space creation.

The decisions that we implemented yesterday, allowed the demolition industry to become one of the driving forces of investment development of regions of the Russian Federation and the economical industry as a whole. We converted demolition to the art of creating space for new construction - residential, social, commercial, sport or industrial.

Year after year our projects become quality standards, and other companies try to work due to it. Our goal is to work for the future: modernization of the industry, initiation of new technologies and standards, formation of the way in which the demolition industry will be developed in Russia.

Our goal is progress creation