Field of activity

FGEC ‘Razmax’ provides comprehensive services in the redevelopment areas.

What does the ‘redevelopment’ stand for? In fact, this is the change in object functionality with a view of its most effective use. Special attention is paid to the redevelopment of industrial facilities today. Industrial construction is always more expensive than the construction of residential buildings, so the demolition of industrial facilities is impractical.
Our company offers to carry out redevelopment (reconstruction) of the old industrial buildings into a modern center of business activity. The complex of works on this project includes several key areas, the implementation of each of which is up to our unified services:

The investment phase.

At this stage, the Client must be provided with full information about the object and its surroundings, and also Client should determine the optimal target of the redevelopment area and the required size of investment. At this stage, our Unified Analysis Center (UAC) qualified specialists will guide the Client.

The organizational phase.
After defining the goals and objectives of the object and the opportunities associated with it, the Client has to make calculation of costs for each of the stages and develop a schedule of works. Here, the Uniform Settlement Center of FGEC ‘Razmax’ takes place.
It is necessary to provide all possible risks and to make sure that all the project documentation is correct at the stage of organization of the project. Experience and competence of the employees of the Unified Law Service will help reduce all the possible legal risks of the project at the stage of its initiation.

Geodesy and ecology in construction.
An obligatory element is a complex of environmental and surveying works on the object. Construction surveying provides the most complete information about the object, including the features of the territory, structures, underground utilities and pipelines. Experts of the Unified Geodetic Survey of ‘Razmax’ conduct this complex of works using the most modern equipment. The received information helps to plan the budget of the project more accurately and to provide potential risks.
An equally important part of the complex of works is ecological measures.

Project works.
Making a project is one of the most important stages of the complex construction work. Project’s approval in the state authorities, and all further work organization depend on how efficiently and professionally project is executed. Therefore, the most competent specialists work in the Unified Project Bureau of FGEC ‘Razmax’, whose portfolio includes very different focus and specificity projects. If necessary, our Unified Project Bureau staff will prepare a draft of dismantling, reclamation and all related works.
Demolition and dismantling.
Demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures are carried out with the necessary permits, in compliance with all standards of industrial safety. Unified Engineering Center of FGEC ‘Razmax’ uses the latest technology and the most modern equipment. Almost 20 years in the market allows our specialists not only to select individual solutions for each project, but also to perform a comprehensive dismantling or removal of certain structures and equipment, work in dense urban areas, or to carry out the dismantling of an industrial facility.

In the implementation of the construction projects, FGEC ‘Razmax’ is a general contractor, controlling all stages of the work. Experts of the Unified General Contractor Service guarantee strict compliance with deadlines and budgets, as well as high-quality implementation of projects of any complexity. An effective management system operating in the company, allows not only to carry out a wide range of work independently, but also to organize high-quality work of subcontractors.