Engineering surveys

Engineering surveys are a necessary element of the process of redevelopment of the territory on each of its stages. Thanks to the results of surveys, specialists receive a comprehensive and detailed map of the natural and technological features of the territory and the buildings and structures located on it, and also receive detailed information about the degree of pollution of soils and structures. Based on the materials received, design documentation is being developed.

When carrying out engineering surveys for construction, the "Razmax's" specialists use the most modern equipment, and are also guided by the legislative and regulatory acts of the Russian Federation, the provisions of regional and territorial building codes and the requirements of production and industry regulatory documents.

One of the main competitive advantages of FGIK "Razmax" is the ability to conduct engineering surveys on the basis of the company of any degree of complexity: geodetic, environmental, technical inspection of buildings and structures.

Our experts consider engineering surveys as one of the stages of work on redevelopment of territories and provide results that minimize risks during further work and ensure predictability and reliability of the project.