FGEC "Razmax" provide consulting services at various stages of the redevelopment projects and projects of elimination of accumulated environmental damage: from the stage of substantiating investments to the stage of putting the project into operation.

Being a member of the Expert Council for the Redevelopment, the company’s specialists, together with leading market experts, develop concepts for the re-profiling and development of territories, providing the Customer with the most effective solutions for each individual case and taking into account the entire amount of technical and marketing information,

In collaboration with leading Russian and international environmental experts, the company's specialists are developing solutions to reduce emissions, recycle waste and comprehensive rehabilitation of territories,
From the point of view of the accumulated experience, the specialists of "Razmax" perform a technical and economic audit of the generated documentation, offering options for optimizing project budgets,
Based on many years of experience working with reconstructions or redevelopment of objects of historical and cultural heritage, the company's specialists perform historical and cultural examination,
Using IT infrastructure and settlement systems based on Building Information Modeling, "Razmax's" specialists create risk management models that optimize the project management system and minimize the likelihood of technical or economic risks.