Reclamation area includes a range of design, engineering and sanitation events, providing an improvement, restoration of soil properties. Most often, land reclamation is needed for the integrated development of territories previously occupied by industrial or other enterprises that use hazardous pollutants (waste dump, ash dumps, carpool, etc.).

It is important for rehabilitation of the territory its further functional use (residential buildings, industrial and communal area, recreational areas, green spaces, etc.). This factor determines the amount of work which will include land reclamation: planned total or partial removal of the contaminated soil with replacement with clean, overlapping layer of clean soil without removing the use for filling in the pits, etc.

Land reclamation methods can be divided into three groups:

  • dredging and disposal at specialized landfills (landfills and industrial waste)
  • destruction of contaminated soils on the site;
  • fixation of pollutants on the spot.

Reclamation of broken lands and contaminated lands is very important.

At this stage, the client faces with a number of risks arising from the disruption and pollution of soil area for the new construction as a result of:

  • development of mineral deposits by open or underground methods, as well as extraction of peat
  • pipelines
  • construction, reclamation, logging, geological exploration, testing, maintenance, design and survey and other. works related to soil disturbance
  • elimination of industrial, military, civil and other objects and facilities
  • storage and disposal of industrial, household and otherr waste
  • construction, maintenance and preservation of underground facilities and communications (mine workings, store, subway, sewage facilities, etc.).
  • elimination of the effects of pollution of land, if the terms of their recovery require the removal of topsoil
  • conduct the military exercises outside the specially designated for this purpose landfills

Specialists of Unified Ecological Service of ‘Размах’ will develop a reclamation project containing a set of measures on the basis of existing sanitary, construction, water management, forestry, and other regulations and standards, taking into account the regional climatic conditions and the location of the disturbed area