Unified analysis center

Unified Analysis Center (UAC) is a structural subdivision of FGEC ‘Razmax’, which provides a range of services as part of the examination of the property complex of the Client and business planning.

Qualifications of analysts of ‘Razmax’ and the use of modern quantitative and qualitative methods allow you to accurately determine the investment potential of an object, and create a business plan that meets the Client's needs,  taking into account the full range of collected information about this object.

Analytical report, provided by UAC’s experts,  includes a comprehensive study of external and internal factors affecting the investment attractiveness of the project and optimization of the business processes of the client.

General and specific recommendations concluded in the analytical research is the secret of how to minimize all possible risks of your business: economic, technical, legal and image.

The research capacity of UAC is one of the main competitive advantages of FGEC ‘Razmax’. By adding the intellectual component to the demolition and dismantling, we break the adage "to break is not to build." Examination of UAC allows us to offer Client optimum scheme of work: dismantle only those constructions that do not meet the formed business plan and offer various investment scenarios of the territory.

Examination of UAC includes the following options:

  • Trends and prospects of the market sectors in which our client is developing or want to develop.
  • Current state of the market situation for the projects of similar characteristics.
  • Analysis of the economic parameters of the property complex.
  • Competitive advantages of the project. Recommendation.
  • Drawbacks and limitations of the property complex. Recommendation.
  • Possible concept of redevelopment areas of the property complex with Expanded options for the new construction. Selection of the most promising options.
  • Justification of the capitalization the property complex project.
  • Risk matrix of the project.
  • Analysis of the initial data on the project, including the available documentation;
  • The study of archival documents, the history of the territory and possible archaeological features;
  • Audit of the infrastructure of the area;
  • Analysis of social background of the object, capable of influencing the project;
  • Preliminary audit of the information environment of the project. Recommendations for the promotion of the information.

Mistakes in business planning can lead to an incorrect evaluation of the prospects of development of the project and lead to tangible, time and legal costs. The purpose of the UAC of  ‘Razmax’ in this regard is giving Clients a full information about the object of investment, understanding of the stages of the project, as well as the minimization of internal and external investment risks.