Unified geodetic service

Unified Geodetic Service is a structural subdivision of ‘Razmax’ which provides Client with the latest information about the terrain and located within the area of buildings, structures and communications (including - underground).

Geodetic support is an indispensable element for the creation of the project of dismantling or new construction, and optimal placement of the terrain structures and buildings in accordance with the design and regulatory documentation. Depending on the objectives of the Client in a particular project, the specialists of ‘Razmax’ select the necessary set of solutions of geodetic services. Geophysical surveys can be also carried out at high saturation of the underground communications. 

Experts of the Unified Geodetic Service of FGEC ‘Razmax’ perform a full range of support in the framework of the geodesic construction using high-performance equipment of last generation, which allows to obtain results with the highest available level of accuracy today. The use of this technology in conjunction with highly qualified engineers allows dozens of times to reduce time costs and improve the quality of work performed.

The Federal Group of engineering companies ‘Razmax’ is one of the few which have the latest electronic equipment (laser 3D-scanner, total stations) for geodetic survey. Laser scanning technology in conjunction with licensed software allows you to create highly accurate 3D-models of objects: in addition to the three-dimensional coordinates of each point on the surface, the data about color and a texture in it are recorded. Total stations with modern software ensure maximum accuracy of measurements.

5 Steps of geodesic support of construction project:

Step one. Rapid assessment of the future construction site: the collection and analysis of information about the object, Client’s apporval of the technical specification, the registration of the work program.

Step two. Field stage. Topographical surveys, data analysis.

Step three. Preparatory stage: geodesic breakdown, engineering work to prepare the territory (planning, communications, etc.);

Step Four. Milestones: implementation of the project, providing the geometric designs in the construction, preparation of documentation;

Step five. Completion: Preparation and submission of a technical report on the results of geodetic support.

The use of modern technology in conjunction with highly qualified surveyors of ‘Razmax’ allows dozens of times to reduce time costs and improve the quality of work performed.