Unified law service

Unified Law Service is a structural subdivision of FGEC ‘Razmax’ which provides a full range of legal support of construction projects from the date of the contract before signing the act of acceptance of works. Timely seeking professional legal aid allows the Client to minimize not only legal, but also, subsequently, time, financial and reputational risks.Legal advisers of FGEC ‘Razmax’ have deep knowledge of legislation and practice in the field of construction, environment, natural resources, land use, topical issues of urban development activities and the protection of cultural heritage. Knowledge and constant study of the specifics of regional legislation in the field of urban planning, land use, ecology is a distinctive feature of the legal service of FGEC ‘Razmax’.

At the initial stage of the project realization it is necessary to conduct a legal audit and analysis from the perspective of current legislation and existing interest groups. On the basis of a legal assessment of project risks in the process of Legal Due Diligence there will be formed recommendations of how to minimize existing problems in the implementation of the project and their optimal allocation among the project participants.

Throughout the project, Unified law service advises the Client on the restrictions relating to the investment and construction of the project, assisting in the project of the whole package of documents (including the tender documentation) and assists the Client at the stage of conclusion and implementation of the Treaty. Among other services, the company's lawyers develop individual contracts for the design, construction and construction management, taking into account the specifics of each project, including standards of FIDIC, as well as participate in the implementation of these Treaties.

In the event of a dispute, lawyers of FGEC ‘Razmax’ defend the interests of the Client, providing service of judicial and extrajudicial settlement of disputes related to land relations, construction contract, environmental and cultural heritage protection.