Unified settlement center

Unified Settlement Center (USC) is a structural subdivision of FGEC ‘Razmax’, providing services of calculating the cost, valuation and simulation of manufacturing operations within the investment and construction of the project. USC makes detailed estimates for dismantling facilities of ‘Razmax’ throughout the Russian Federation, and also implements calculating the costs of investment and construction project of the Clients.

Designed on ‘Razmax’s own scientific base, USC is unique in the market. The automated system, the experts of USC work with, is a bank of technical information and indicators, keeping demounting experience for more than 19 years of existence of this industry in Russia.

At the moment, the system contains statistics of almost 3 thousand different scale demolition projects throughout Russia. USC permanently monitors the development of new technological solutions, improving valuation dismantling mechanisms, improving the quality of their settlements with each new project of FGEC ‘Razmax’.

Compiling a detailed calculation of the cost of your project production work, specialists of the Unified Settlement Center will consider a set of conditions: the type and size of the object structures, the nature of the surrounding buildings and access roads, availability of underground communications and utilities, resources involved, as well as a number of other absolute and relative economic indicators .

It can be calculated with several variants of works for the same construction, which will differ in its method, equipment and staff, time of work and, of course, its cost.

On the basis of the Client’s financial option we create a flow chart, it is a complex of measures of the organization of the production process involved with the technical, human and financial resources. Flow chart of the USC complements an estimate and provides the quality and safety of work, due to the regulations and safety rules.

Organizational and technical documents prepared on the basis of the USC,  pass defense in the federal and regional authorities of state and non-state expertise of project and estimate documentation with the same success.

Line ministries and departments use the data of Unified Settlement Center to create the regulatory and estimated forms to define the resource requirements during the dismantling operations, in particular, labor costs of construction workers, drivers, time of operation of construction machines and mechanisms, material resources.

Unified Settlement Center, an innovative product of FGEC ‘Razmax’, fundamentally changes the approach to the production of works and reduces the time and economic costs.