Unified training center

Unified Training Center (UTC) is a structural subdivision of the Federal Group of Engineering Companies ‘Razmax’, was created for the purpose of information exchange and development of professional competence of the employees.

There are no special programs at universities in area of redevelopment of territory at the moment. For making up a deficiency of the educational system there are lecturers, trainings and seminars based at UTC to maintain and develop intellectual capital of the company.

For targeted trainings we attract either the most experienced or invited speakers. In average each one takes 96 hours of the professional skills improvement a year.

Unified Training Center is a unique project of FGEC ‘Razmax’, allowing to establish an effective system of conservation experience, giving key knowledge and skills within the team, developing special and communication skills of employees.

All educational materials are stored in the UTC Knowledge base, which consists of more than 40 Gb information.

Unified Training Center promotes the adaptation of new staff, can effectively evaluate business qualities of employees and contributes to career growth. Due to the UTC activities, ‘Razmax’s staff is a united team, regardless of the region of the Russian Federation, in which they work

Unified Training Center of FGEC ‘Razmax’ gives each employee opportunities for development and professional team makes the main competitive advantage.