Professional team of FGEC’Razmax’ is looking for young, ambitious professionals ready for active development with our company!

We offer a high level of income, development and training, opportunities for professional growth.

We appreciate the activity, lateral thinking, the desire to work and earn money, professionalism and creative approach to work.

We are focused on development and improvement of professional skills. Our company have no match in the professional competence and welcomes in its ranks professionals whose energy and knowledge will help to maintain its leading position and strengthen the company's position among the leading players.

We pay serious attention to improving the professional level and all-round development of employees. Regularly going internal trainings, adaptive session and workshops - all we can offer to each employee of the company.

Our corporate strategy is based on a professional respect to each member of our team. We appreciate the contribution of each employee and work together for a common goal.

We live in the atmosphere of tradition, which in turn allows you to create a strong, stable labor staff, working on common goals and achieve maximum productive results.

If you are goal-oriented, ambitious, if you use a creative approach in your work - be a part of our strong team, and implement the most daring professional solutions!

Contact the HR service: +7(812) 389-61-61