Razmax Center

High levels of investment development, a large number of production facilities and industrial parks make Central Federal District one of the most interesting for investors. FGEC ‘Razmax’ is also considering this region as a priority in its development. ‘Razmax Center’, originally existed as part of the Moscow representative office, became an independent division in the second half of 2014.

Key areas of investment development of the district taking into account saturation of industrial areas and population density is the creation of conditions for the development of various industries, as well as residential, commercial and social infrastructure. In this regard, the main direction of development of FGEC ‘Razmax’ in the region is modernization of industrial plants and redevelopment areas for new construction.

In this direction, the company's specialists work together with the leading machine-building enterprises of the Tver and Yaroslavl region, light industry enterprises of the Ivanovo and Kostroma region, and also implement projects for the demolition of dilapidated housing.

An important direction of development of the Central Federal District is the rational organization within the county, allowing the most efficient use of its natural and evolutionary potential. So popular service of ‘Razmax Center’ is a reclamation of disturbed and contaminated land for further economic use and the development of projects for the creation of recreational areas.

Mission plans are to strengthen relations with leading industrial companies in the region, to participate in the creation of new industrial concepts and technology parks and the implementation of projects throughout the Central Federal District.

Full list of projects, tenders and vacancies of ‘Razmax Center’ representation you can get in the relevant sections on our website.