Razmax SPB

History of FGEC ‘Razmax’ in St. Petersburg is a story of the dismantling industry creation in Russia, so called "turnkey". In 1997, the ‘Association of Demolition’ (now - FGEC ‘Razmax’) managed to unite disparate, non-professional demolition projects and ideas, creating the industry in which today only in St. Petersburg several thousand of people are employed and more than 40 companies of various sizes function.

Over 19 years our projects are quality standards, and our competitors are trying to learn from them. We have not just founded the industry - we turned the dismantling into high-tech art of creating new space and territory development.

We were pioneers of innovative solutions that changed market. It is we, who working with leading foreign suppliers, brought first demolition robots and demolition excavators to Russia. By investing our resources, we are the first who started using hydraulic scissors, cutters for removing the concrete, dust control and stabilization system, as well as many other new technologies, which other complanies could not, or were afraid to work with. Using modern crushing plant, we were the first who learned how to recycle construction waste into material suitable for recycling.

Our business is a constant technological and intellectual market update. Today we have made another revolution in the market, once again we proved our leadership and became not just the dismantling, but the full cycle engineering company that provides services for the demolition and dismantling, as part of a package of measures of the areas redevelopment.

The new principle of our work means to provide intellectual support to the Client at all stages of our work. Our common functional services enable us not only to carry out a qualitative dismantling, but starting with the first stages of the investment and construction project to minimize risks associated with its implementation: technical, economic, temporal, legal, image.

Starting transfer its experience and advanced engineering technologies outside of St. Petersburg, ‘Razmax’ has opened a number of offices in key regions of Russia, becoming a holding company of the federal level. However, the central office of FGEC remains in St. Petersburg. Here, in the ‘dismantling cradle’, we always maintain the leading position and grow in the market, performing new and complex projects, which develop the investment potential of the northwest Russia

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