Razmax North

Murmansk region is one of the most developed industrial regions of the North-West of Russia. The dynamics of the investment area depends on the pace of the modernization of the largest industrial facilities: ports, factories, power plants and hydro plants and others.
Experts of FGEC 'Razmax' have been working for more than 10 years on major projects of modernization of production facilities in the Murmansk region - the first one was implemented in 2008. During this time, more than 50 projects of varying complexity were implemented by our experts.
Due to the specifics of the industrial development of the region, more than 70% of the total share of 'Razmax North' projects are the hazardous production facilities liquidation projects requiring paying special attention to the standards of environmental and industrial safety and bringing the most modern equipment and technology.
There are companies such as 'Nickel', JSC 'Apatit', OJSC 'Kolskaya metallurgicheskaya kompaniya', 'Kandalashskiy Aljuminievyy zavod — SUAL' which are among the regular clients of 'Razmax'. Also, starting in 2014, 'Razmax North' has been realizing a large project on the coast of the Barents Sea with the Dutch company WindLifeEnergy B.V., whose specialization is the development of clean energy worldwide. Within the project of building 200 MW wind farm, 'Razmax' performs a complex of survey works, and also obtains the necessary approvals in the State power structures (GR)