As the General Contractor, FGEC "Razmax" ensures the organization and effective control of the work process within the framework of the approved project documentation, time and financial constraints, creates an effective management system for departments and contractors involved in the work process.The cpmpanies specialists control all stages of dismantling and construction, certain types of work (earthwork, installation of utility networks, etc.) and the progress of their implementation, is responsible for the results and quality. The customer does not have to delve into the specifics of the entire list of necessary actions.

General contractor services include:

  • study of the initial state of the construction site, technical and environmental audits;
  • ensuring compliance of project documentation with existing requirements, technical control of project documentation and determining the sequence of work (function of the general designer);
  • market research of subcontracting works, organization of contract tenders, selection of the best subcontractors, preparation and conclusion of contracts with them;
  • implementation of production planning and operational management, organization of interaction of subcontractors at the construction site
  • procurement, delivery to the construction site and storage of necessary materials;
  • organization of a construction site, including sanitary conditions, security, cleaning, provision of subcontractors with the necessary mechanisms, electricity, domestic premises;
  • ensuring the required quality of work, monitoring the timing and budget of performers, technical supervision of construction and installation works
  • interaction with technical supervision, architectural supervision, state regulatory bodies, preparation of executive documentation, coordination with supervisory authorities and registration of a new construction object (functions of the customer service);
  • monitoring compliance with safety standards, environmental standards and other restrictions regulated by law and authorities;
  • monitoring the condition of nearby buildings and structures (monitoring the technical condition of buildings and structures falling into the zone of influence of construction);
  • solution of any numerous questions arising during the course of work.