Unified general contractor service

Unified general contractor service is a structural subdivision of FGEC 'Razmax', specialized on the complex industrial territories redevelopment projects realization.

Working with FGEC 'Razmax' as with the general contractor, Client is guaranteed to receive the following services:

1. Enginering - highly qualified specialists of the Unified services will carefully and precisely review the project, identify main and secondary processes, calculate resources, build the structural model of the project and the links among its elements, collects the necessary documentation and perform pre- and project preparation of the object.

2. Organization - formation of the optimal budget and net schedule of the object, fninace optimization on the base of innovative program compex by Unified Settlement Center of FGEC "Razmax'.

3. Realization - performing the complete cycle of works on preparation of territory in accordance with the permitted use of the land - for residential, public-business, industrial or mixed-use development, placement of objects of social, recreational,engineering and transport infrastructure, as well as work on reconstruction and capital repair of objects, including those under the jurisdiction of the Federal security service, the Ministry of culture (KGIOP) and Rostechnadzor.

4. Construction controlthe complex of organizational and technical measures, ensurin gstrict observance of requirements of normative-technicaland project documentation, norms and rules of labor protectionand fire safety in strict accordance with ISO9001. FGEC "Razmax" has certificates of conformity of the quality management systemwhile performing the preparation of project documentation, construction works, environmental managementand managementof health andsafety.